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12 of the best beach towns / in southern Europe

Quiet islands, Venetian harbours, sumptuous seafood and golden sands … these seaside towns in France, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Greece and Portugal are ingrained with the spirit of summer

Fleetwood Mac / duet album to be released

Finland / to end basic income trial after two years

Leni Riefenstahl / archive to throw new light on Hitler's film-maker

Critics fear bequest will fuel new wave of fanaticism among those who continue to revere the German propagandist and neo-Nazi icon

‘We’ve got more money swirling around’ / how streaming saved the music industry

Modigliani / sets world record with estimate in excess of $150m

Netflix’s ‘new world order’ / a streaming giant on the brink of global domination


Manchester City crowned Premier League champions / after shock United defeat

• West Brom beat Manchester United to hand title to City
• Kompany challenges team-mates to retain title

NBA playoffs / first-round matchups set on dramatic final night of regular season

Do video games make children violent? / Nobody knows and this is why

The sorry state of research into one of the world’s biggest entertainment industries is leaving us in the dark

As Time Goes By / life in the Beatles’ magic circle

A new edition of the memoir by the band’s amiable press officer who witnessed Beatlemania and took notes as the breakup happened

Delete your account / a guide to life after Facebook

When good TV goes bad: / how The Fall fell from grace

After a compelling first series, the serial killer thriller began to lose its grip. What followed was a cavalcade of preposterousness

Raspberry Pi / small is beautiful

The digital world gives us convenience at the price of control. The Pi reverses that balance

Want to be more assertive in life? / This former dominatrix will show you how

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